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The CHS Magnet program is distinguished by a strong research strand woven through all four years of instruction, culminating in annual showcases and a senior research investigation/internship. Faculty members foster advanced exploration of math, science, and engineering topics. At all levels, students are exposed to integrated, advanced course work that explores real-world problems.

We partner with high-tech and research-based organizations throughout the Portland/SW Washington metro area. Through these community partnerships, students will have access to internships with experts in their particular fields of interest.

This Magnet program model is built around principles endorsed by the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools (NCSSS).  The Camas School District is a member of this consortium and visited four member high schools in the Maryland/Virginia area before developing a similar design for this school.

The goal of the Magnet is to provide community for the students while instilling the underlying values, skills, and behaviors that will enable students to to achieve success at institutes of higher learning, and to enter chosen careers in the fields of science, math, and technology, or whatever they so desire to do.

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